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Foam sleeping mat Foal 1,2 cm

A durable foam mat for a comfortable sleep even in extreme conditions.

18 €


The foam Foal mat is versatile and even suitable for use in extreme conditions. We make it from EVA, a material characterized by its great strength and insulation properties. Its clear advantages include low weight and long life, so you can also take it with you on even longer trips.


  • A foam mat with a low weight.
  • 1.2 cm insulation layer.
  • Made of EVA foam – a very durable material that is low in weight and doesn’t absorb water.
  • The high-quality materials guarantee durability and ensure you can sleep anywhere on your travels.

  • 1.2 cm insulation layer
  • EVA – lightweight and durable material
  • Easy handling
  • Low weight

Weight: 320 g
Dimensions: 180 × 60 × 1.2 cm
Dimensions (packed): 60 × 18 cm
Material: EVA
Thermal resistance (R-value): 2.5

Made of EVA foam – a lightweight and very durable material that doesn’t absorb water.


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