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Quilted summer sleeping bag Gala 0°C

A spacious and comfortable sleeping bag for mild conditions, suitable for backpacking, camping, and stays at holiday cottages.

82,92 €


If you mainly want your sleeping bag to be spacious and snug, and to provide excellent thermal comfort, the model Gala 0°C won’t disappoint. It’s suitable for milder conditions and higher temperatures, and you can convert it into a nice quilt by simply unzipping it. So do not hesitate to take it with you on your paddling trips as well as stays at the campsite or in a holiday cottage.


  • A high-quality filling of 4-channel hollow fibres for great thermal comfort.
  • Great weather resistance, breathability, and insulation properties are guaranteed by the high-quality materials used inside and out.
  • The sleeping bag can be fully unzipped and used as a quilt.
  • Lengthwise fastening and a right–left zipper system for easy handling.
  • Other features: outer and inner pocket for small items, hood drawstring, flap covering the main zipper, reflective elements.

  • Reflective elements Reflective elements
  • Spacious sleeping bag Spacious sleeping bag
  • Left and right zipper Left and right zipper
  • Quilted sleeping bag Quilted sleeping bag
  • ISO 13537 certification ISO 13537 certification

Filling 4-channel hollow fibre
Design single-layer
Inner material Polycotton
Outer material 70D 190T nylon taffeta
Accessories compression sack
Weight 1,900 g
Recommended maximum user height 195 cm
Dimensions (packed) 40 x 20 cm
Dimensions 220 x 90cm

FILLING: 4-channel hollow fibre

4-channel hollow fibre

These are hollow, spirally twisted, synthetic polyester fibres with four channels. Thanks to the flexible weaving, careful production, and correct formatting, the material provides a perfect loft effect – the ability to draw in air to insulate. To extend their life and maximize their effect, the fibres are also coated with a silicon layer, which stabilizes their mutual positions and restricts their mutual friction. Other advantages include the fact that fibres don’t absorb moisture, they dry off very quickly, are suitable for allergy sufferers, and are very easy to maintain.

OUTER MATERIAL: 100 % Polypongee 



As the name suggests, polycotton is made of polyester and cotton. It combines the inherent properties of both its components. Thanks to the polyester it’s easy to maintain and able to hold its shape, while the cotton provides softness and great absorption ability. In short, this material feels good on the skin, dries quickly, and is wrinkle-resistant.

Comfort: 14°C

The lower limit of a comfortable temperature range at which the sleeping bag user in a relaxed body position, e.g. lying on their back, is overall in thermal balance and is not feeling cold (for a normal woman under normal conditions).

Limit: 10°C

The lower thermal limit at which the sleeping bag user lying in a curled-up position is overall in thermal balance and is not feeling cold (for a normal man under normal conditions).

Extreme: 0°C

The lower limit, extreme temperature, involving a risk of harm to health caused by hypothermia (for a normal woman under normal conditions). This temperature is a point of hazard leading to death.


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