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Laminate tent poles Poles for the BIZON 4 Classic

24,96 €


The poles for the Bizon 4 Classic are made of laminate. The use of high-quality laminate considerably extends their lifetime, and enhances their strength and flexibility.

If broken, the pole doesn’t split along its entire length, but only at the point of damage, so it can be further used without risk of damaging the tent or causing an injury.

Material laminate
Pole diameter 8.5 mm
Length 2 x 4,800 mm + 1 x 3,900 mm
Number of segments 2 x 11, 1 x 9 (8.5 mm)

Material: fibreglass
Pole diameter: 8.5mm
length: 1x4800mm + 1x3900mm
Section configuration: 1 x 11, 1 x 9 (8.5 mm)

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