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Kids’ synthetic, three-season sleeping bag Kids Magic -12°C

A comfortable sleeping bag with adjustable length for young children as well as teenagers, suitable for various outdoor activities from spring through autumn.

63,6 €


The sleeping bag Kids Magic -12°C provides a smart solution thanks to which your young traveller will enjoy this model for many years. By simply attaching or removing the bottom pouch-shaped section, the sleeping bag can be shortened or lengthened. When using the shorter version, which is suitable for users up to approximately 125 cm, the removed pouch can serve as a foot-warming bag. The longer version can be comfortably used by kids whose height is about 155 cm. Kids Magic -12°C is ideal for children from a young age up to teenage years for hiking, trekking, and paddling trips.


  • The high-quality filling of 1-channel hollow fibres provides extraordinary thermal comfort.
  • The ability to withstand the worst weather, great breathability, and superb insulation properties are all guaranteed by using the highest-quality materials – both inside and out.
  • Standard features include a draft collar.
  • Easy handling due to lengthwise fastening and the right–left zipper system.
  • Overall comfort is enhanced by many other features: an outer and inner pocket for small items, hood drawstring, flap covering the main zipper, reflective elements, and a removable foot-warming bag for the shortened version.

  • Reflective elements Reflective elements
  • For kids For kids
  • Mummy sleeping bag Mummy sleeping bag
  • ISO 13537 certification ISO 13537 certification
  • Left and right zipper Left and right zipper

Filling 1-channel hollow fibre
Design two-layer
Inner material 100% polyester
Outer material 100% polyamide
Accessories compression sack, removable bottom section that can also be used as a foot-warming bag, reflective elements
Weight 1,280 g
Recommended maximum child height 155/125 cm
Dimensions (packed) 35 x 20 cm
Dimensions 75 x 150/180 cm

FILLING: 1-channel hollow fibre

INNER MATERIAL: 100% polyester

OUTER MATERIAL: 210T Polyester Hexagonal Ripstop

Comfort: 5°C

The lower limit of a comfortable temperature range at which the sleeping bag user in a relaxed body position, e.g. lying on their back, is overall in thermal balance and is not feeling cold (for a normal woman under normal conditions).

Limit: 0°C

The lower thermal limit at which the sleeping bag user lying in a curled-up position is overall in thermal balance and is not feeling cold (for a normal man under normal conditions).

Extreme: -15°C

The lower limit, extreme temperature, involving a risk of harm to health caused by hypothermia (for a normal woman under normal conditions). This temperature is a point of hazard leading to death.

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